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Dear fellow chinese enthusiast,


Are you struggling to improve on your Chinese but with no avail? Skeptical whether all the Chinese lessons and chinese courses out in the tuition agency market can help ? Baffled by how others can speak chinese so fluently?


Welcome to, your home chinese tuition specialist, in imparting standard han chinese.



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Regardless of what your objective may be;

1)to score well in your school’s Chinese examinations so as to reflect well in your report card or certificate and get into a good secondary , JC or university;

2) Keen on taking up adults chinese tuition so as to advance further and better in your career or company

3) Building up a foundation in Chinese at a young age.


Chinese Tuition for YOU & ME


Professional help is now presented before you.


Taking chinese tuition is certainly not an overnight magic or secret recipe to perfecting this language but the learning process could be accelerated through the personalized teaching and feedback approach. We provide 1-to-1 lessons that hone your skills in oral chinese, chinese composition, chinese comprehension as well as chinese listening and writing capability to equip you with skills that meet the challenges of the new era.

Our Chinese tuition is conducted by passionate and qualified Chinese tutors, with the essential skills & tools who will do their utmost in helping you achieve your aim.








Elevate the chinese standards of all Singaporeans





>>Our team of tutors share a common vision with us and we are committed towards achieving our goal.



Why should we be chosen?

Learn from educated native speakers of mandarin with years of experiences

Learn to appreciate chinese through its huge heritage & culture and cultivate a keen sense of interest!

Specialized chinese tutors at affordable rates

Huge selection of chinese tutors including undergraduates, graduates, Ex/Current School teachers, Chinese Nationals and Singaporeans based on your preferences.

 Best Tutors based on your request are shortlisted and assigned with one day.


The Fact about Learning Chinese


You are definitely not alone in this journey of picking up chinese as many else have taken the first step towards improving this language growing in huge importance at a fast pace.

-The number of foreigners who are learning Chinese as a second language has reach at least 40 million worldwide - a stupendous figure according to Madame Xu Lin (CEO of Confucius Institute)

-Contrary to popular beliefs, Chinese is the most frequently spoken language in the world with more than 1 billion people speaking approximately and hence one of the key languages in the world culturally and in business

In the recent major economic crisis that brought down the economy of Europe and USA, China and the rest of Asia were least affected. It is predicted that, given China’s growth rate, it will overtake USA as the world’s superpower in no time. Learning Chinese hence improves your chances of high success in job markets dealing with these economics whether you are working in accounting, physics, management or any other professions.

No more searching high and low for Chinese enrichment program and Chinese tuition centres, a home chinese tutor is all you need. Feel free to email us at or call 9890 3415 for more information and our coordinator will be happy to reply you in 1 day with assistance.

We assign tutors to any address in Singapore, whether you stay in Jurong or Pasir Ris. You may indicate your preferences such as female or male, graduate or undergrad, frequency and duration in our chinese tutor request form and tutors can start immediately. Check out our reasonable tuition fees and faq. or learn more about pre-school chinese tuition, primary & secondary chinese tuition and adults chinese tuition. 

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Find out interesting news, happenings and updates in the chinese curriculum from time to time, as well as ongoing policies introduced in singapore to promote chinese cultural learning. Receive tips from us as well by coming back here and finding out more from our chinese language experts.

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